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Woodson's Local Tap + Kitchen Now Open


Panoptic Realty Group represents the popular fast-growing neighborhood eatery on their second location.


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Our job as a brokerage is to help our clients protect their investments, whether as a tenant, landlord, investor, or developer.  We are using tens of thousands of data points concerning location, depth of floodwater, and time inundated on a structure-by-structure basis so that we can more accurately model "off the map" flood risks for our clients.  Floods can cost your business even if your structure stays dry.

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Panoptic Realty Group is a Houston, TX based real estate services firm characterized by our persistent focus on client objectives.  We are driven by our desire for our client’s success.  Our clients find success in sales, leasing, investment, and land development.


Our firm offers a very unique competitive advantage in that we are vertically integrated in all of our marketing.  While most firms struggle to offer professional photography, we excel in high- quality video production that is offered to our clients at no additional cost.  We also offer professional websites in those special cases where they are required.  Our desire is to be the best and deliver our clients the pinnacle of service.


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Recent News and Press



JUL 2017 - LaPorte, TX

PRG has been selected to consult in location strategy and brokerage.



AUG 2017 - The Woodlands, TX

PRG has been selected to represent the group in their expansion.



APR  2017 - The Woodlands, TX

PRG represented the business park in the disposition of assets.


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