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Beyond brokerage. Real estate strategy for better decision making.

At Panoptic Realty group, we are much more than brokers; we are strategists.  We leverage the latest in technology and trend analysis to help your company make the best decision possible.  Our name was created to illustrate this point.


Panoptic [pan-op-tic] - considering all parts or elements; all inclusive.


If you are not using the best decision making tools at your disposal, you are surrendering your competitive advantage to the competition.

Drive Time Analysis

Case Study


Our firm was approached by a distribution company to consult, locate, and negotiate the lease at their next location.  The company had experienced great expansion but sought to reduce transportation costs and times.  They needed a better way to serve their customers in the outer reaches of west Houston.


We developed a multi-pronged analysis and used computerized modeling to generate multiple possible locations for their expansion, keeping in mind their existing customer base and potential future customer base.


Our search parameters were:


  • Maximum 45 minute trucking time
  • Average trucking departure at 12 PM on weekdays
  • Coverage to Hempstead, Katy, Rosenberg, and central Houston
  • Minimize redundancy if possible


The map to the left was used to pinpoint the location of the company's new base for west Houston operations.  We then negotiated the lease on behalf of the company.

Market Analysis

While used most commonly in development, a market analysis can be a helpful tool in multiple disciplines.  Our lease market comparison (pictured right), as prepared for this particular client, compared the retail and industrial markets.  The developer wanted to ensure that he would receive the best rate of return possible based on market trends and rental rates.  To make sure the market would not have too much inventory by the time construction was finished, our analysis also covered buildings under construction, and even buildings not yet being built.


Our market view goes beyond "comps".  We analyze construction trends, occupancy trends, demographic trends, and rental trends.


In addition to rental-based trends, we analyze market behavior preferences on both tenant and landlord sides.  These preferences include rental versus purchase, single tenant versus multi-tenant preferences, and stand-alone versus mixed development.

Location Analysis

When considering locations, special attention is a necessity to avoid costly errors or potential pitfalls.  While the City of Houston is not governed by zoning laws, most of the incorporated suburbs do have laws that govern property usage, road usage, and industrial noise.


Our client-specific analysis of LaPorte (at left) indicates many of these governances specific to the city.  With 35 million tons of cargo coming through the port per year, you can easily see why these regulations are a necessity.


Our specific analysis in this case examined zoning ordinances, trucking ordinances, and future development zones.

Industries / Specialties

Industrial. Retail. Office. Development. We are invaluable to the project.


Demographics. Traffic patterns. Traffic counts. Opportunity analysis. Daytime vs. nighttime population.


Are there enough retail dollars available to be spent in a 5-minute drive time? Is the location outbound-to-work or inbound-to-home side of the street? We can help you decipher the language of statistics to find success.


Highest and Best Use. Return on Investment. Feasibility Analysis.



The development process not only requires knowledge and careful analysis, but careful coordination between the many parties involved in the project. We work with investors, governmental authorities, engineers, architects, and the various trades in construction.



Logistics. Warehousing. Distribution. Manufacturing.




We speak the language of the industry.  We understand clear span, 3-phase power, cross docking, clear heights, dock high vs. grade level.


Drive time analysis ensures savings on a rental rate isn't lost via increased transportation costs.

Urban vs. Suburban. Tower vs. Mixed Use. Amenities. Renovate vs. Build-to-Suit.



Are you attracting the talent you need? Our location analysis can help place you where the workforce lives. Traffic analysis ensures your employees continue to enjoy coming to work.


Investment Sales / Purchasing. Population Analysis. Traffic Analysis.


Providing a Complete Range of Real Estate Services


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